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Welcome to BØF

All the beef on our menu are loin cuts – this is the part of the carcass that only the best steaks come from. Unlike your past steakhouse experiences, don’t expect to get a plate with a big fat steak, because we carve all meat at your table so that it can be shared. Our beef comes from a farm in central Queensland, Australia which is home to a huge herd of 28,000 Angus cattle. We then hand select each and every animal.

After butchering, the beef is hung on hooks in a refrigerated container and shipped from Australia to Denmark. It takes eight weeks, and during this time the beef is dry aged. Dry ageing makes the beef more tender and the flavour develops significantly. When the loin pieces are delivered to the restaurant, they have aged for a minimum of 100 days and are ready to be served. But we let them age a bit longer to make them even better. In our dry ageing cabinet, you can follow the process and the development of the different cuts.

”We believe in a simple and direct approach to food, where the flavours of all the good ingredients are authentic”

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Closed for Easter from March 28th to April 1st.
Wednesday-sunday: 5.30 PM – 10 PM

BØF / Aabenraa 8 / 1124 København K
+45 33 11 91 90