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We’ve teamed up with the food elite of Denmark to create a whole new restaurant.

These three gentlemen have developed our brand new steakhouse – Restaurant BØF. They’ve been working closely together for the past year exchanging ideas and experiences. They have each made their own mark on the restaurant, and we couldn’t be any prouder of the final result.


Lars Damgaard

If anybody knows about beef – it’s Lars Damgaard. He’s been the Managing Director of A Hereford Beefstouw for 31 years.   He is also the mastermind behind Restaurant BØF.

During one of his visits to A Hereford Beefstouw in Australia, and at a loose end waiting for his flight to depart back to Denmark, he decided to wander the streets of Sydney looking for his final meal before heading to the airport. 

He randomly walked past a new steak restaurant, and decided he would try it.  The steaks were grilled on an open fire and served as a share style meal. Lars loved the idea so much and knew straight away that he could use the concept as inspiration, but make it even better.

And so, he did.

Only the best quality is good enough

The beef

All the beef on our menu are loin cuts – this is the part of the carcass that only the best steaks come from.  Unlike your past steakhouse experiences, don’t expect to get a plate with a big fat steak, because we carve all meat at your table so that it can be shared. 

After butchering, the beef is hung on hooks in a refrigerated container and during this time the beef is dry aged.

Dry ageing makes the beef more tender and the flavour develops significantly. When the loin pieces are delivered to the restaurant, they have aged for 60-80 days and are ready to be served. But we let them age a bit longer to make them even better.

In our dry ageing cabinet, you can follow the process and the development of the different cuts.

Tuesday-sunday: 5.30 PM – 10 PM

BØF / Aabenraa 8 / 1124 København K

+45 33 11 91 90